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I watched the sunrise, the stars, the sunset; in different angles and different places. Sat for several hours, feeling giddy because after a long drive I'll be able to explore another place. Seen a lot of beautiful places, heard laughters, smelled a lot of scent. Don't get me wrong, I've never been to other countries, but I've been to places that was foreign to me. At age 19, I went to the places I've never been before, around Bicol and some other places in the Philippines. I have a dream of travelling, seeing the beauty of the world and I decided to stop dreaming and step by step achieve this goal, instead. At a young age, I came up with the decision of travelling around the Bicol first, since this is my home and considering the fact that I'm still a dependent student to her parents. This blog's purpose is to share with you guys on how to achieve your travel goals in the cheapest ways but in a way wherein you'll still enjoy.


1) Are you still a student?

- Yes.

2) All of your travels are DIY (Do It Yourself)?

- Not all but most of the travels I did is self-planned.

3) Where do you get your money to do this trips if you're still a student?

- I save money by budgeting my allowance. It was hard especially I am just a typical student who wants a lot of things to have and do but I hold onto my goal and that makes things less rough.

4) Is travelling worth it? YES. No buts, no ifs.

5) Do you avail tour packages or something?

- Mostly no. I find it expensive and also I like planning my trips by myself.

6) Do you have plans on travelling outside Bicol or outside the Philippines?


Are your DIY trips really budget friendly yet worth it?

- We have our own perspective, what is enjoyable to me may not be fun to you. It depends on how we define enjoyment, fun and happiness is. To answer your question, on my own opinion, yes.



Here are some of the places I have explored.
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Bagasbas Beach
Patitinan Beach
Lignon Hill
Deer Farm
Pineapple Resort
Mercedes Group of Island
White pebble Beach Resort



This beach isn't the most beautiful beach I've ever seen but when you go here, it feels like home. This is the perfect place to sit still, enjoy the sound of the waves, and think about things. Bagasbas beach has a lot of food stall around the area. It also offer surfing because this beach creates awesome waves that you'll surely enjoy. It also has a lighthouse resort to drink, chill and sleep. Once you leave, you'll have a peace of mind and heart.
Budget: (If you're from Daet) 200 to 500 pesos.


White sand and blue water, these are the things that made Patitinan Beach beautiful. It's a less than an hour drive from Naga City, once you arrive there will be a 20 minute hike towards the beach. It may be tiring but all the sweats are paid off once you see the crystal clear water of the beach.
Budget: (If you're from Naga) 300 to 500 pesos.


Once you're on the top of the hill, fresh air and the beautiful view will pay-off the tiring more than 30 minute hike. You'll be able to see the whole Legazpi in this place and it's breathtaking.
Budget: (If you're from Naga) 500 to 1000 pesos.


This is one of the best adventure you'll ever do in your entire life. It's something unusual. You'll surely have fun having time with the friendly deers, the care taker also sells foods for you to experience how to feed the deers. At first it's frightening because all of them will go to you, but they're harmless and eventually you'll get comfortable with them. (Takbo takbo ka habang dala dala yung pagkain, hahabulin ka nila ((atleast, may naghahabol sayo. charot))
Budget: (If you're from Naga) 300-500 pesos.


I love the slides and the pools of this resort! No no no wait, I love everything in this place! Accomodations are also available in this resort but unfortunately cellular signals are not that good buuuuut, you don't even need your phone because you'll surely enjoy in this resort.
Budget: (If you're from Daet) Minimum is 500 pesos.


Mercedes Group of Island is composed of several islands but I've only been to three islands. It's one of the best beaches in Daet. White sand, blue and crystal clear water. If you don't have a budget, yet, to do island hopping, there's a resort around the area. Palm Beach Resort, it's a pure and beautiful resort.
Budget: (If you're from Daet) Mercedes Group of Island: 500 to 1000 pesos each for 10pax. Palm Beach Resort: Minimum of 500 pesos.


My happy place. It's not the most beautiful beach around Camarines Sur but it's the most peaceful for me. I love the view of the sunset, at night, I was able to watch the stars while drinking alcohol and have deep conversation. It's far from reality and the stress from school. It was an advantage for me that this beach has no cellular signals because I was able to think and reflect. I was able to get the rest I wanted. After leaving this place, I wanted to go back as soon as possible, because in this place, I felt happy.
Budget: (If you're from Naga) 1000 to 1500 pesos each for 2pax.


A place to play no matter what your age is. This is one of the most enjoyable places in Camarines Sur, I was able to play and have fun like when I was still a child. A place to unwind and chill. Everything is available here, it's just a little pricey. There's a lot of enjoyable activities to do here. You'll definitely leave with a happy heart.
Budget: (If you're from Naga) 300 to 500 pesos.


I'd love to hear your travel tips and stories.

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